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Episode 13: Mike Scott (Lay It On The Line & Phinius Gage)


Welcome to episode 13, unlucky for some but not for you because I present to you the multi-talented and all-round good guy Mike Scott on the podcast.

Mike is a news editor for the punk website Dying Scene. He is also the Guitars and vocals for Lay It On The Line as well as Phinius Gage. He’s also a former member of Brighton punks River Jumpers and the reformed Oi punk band Anti Establishment.

In this natter, you will hear Liam and Mike debate Black flags line up.

Liam and Mike reminisce about the BBC Radio 1 Punk Rock show, and Liam asks Mike why is he obsessed with death?

We of course talk about Lay It On The Line and Phinius Gage moving forward and Mike reveals why he had to leave River Jumpers and how he was fired from Anti Establishment. Plus much much more.

Brighten finest ‘40 Shillings on the Drum’ play out the show.

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