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Episode 2: Alex Fitzpatrick (Holy Roar Records)


Welcome to episode 2 of Punks in Pubs.

In this episode, Liam enjoys a beer or two with Alex Fitzpatrick.

Alex is the founder of the independent punk and hardcore label, Holy Roar Records as well as the Co-owner of Brixton Beer shop Ghost Wale and former member of ‘electronic grindcore’ band Cutting Pink with Knives.

Liam talks to Alex about past and present bands who have been on the label as well as Alex’s upbringing in rural Wales. They get deep and talk about the depression of being unemployed. Alex recollects having to nearly sell anything that wasn’t nailed down just to keep Holy Roar going!

Liam and Alex also debate the lack of danger/controversy in today’s live music and much much more.

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