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Episode 22: Ren Aldridge and Liepa Kuraitė (Petrol Girls)


This weeks recording took place at Rebellion Festival in the backstage bar where Liam had drinks and a good old natter with Ren and Liepa of Petrol Girls.

So what can you expect from this boozy episode, Well you will hear stories of mountaineering! And near death experiences, Liepa talks about finding her home in Punk Rock through the band. Ren explains that she started the group because she needed to shout and both speak out about the need for more woman to take to the stage and give advice on how you, the lister can do just that. (First Timers and Girls Rock Camp)

They also talk about how men can actively support feminism by just changing there porn watching habits and they, of course, talk Petrol Girls and how signing to a label like Hassle Records give them space to think bigger.

As always your band plays out the podcast and this week must listen to band, are called Headsparks and hail from Reading and Woking.

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Quick shout out to Rebellion Festival for giving us access to where ever our grubby noise wanted to go to. You can get early bird price tickets for next years fest via this link and don't forget you can now listen to all the music played in this episode via this link, Until next time, Enjoy.

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