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Episode 7: Svarti (The Icelandic Punk Museum)


Hello and welcome to episode 7 of Punks In Pubs coming to you from the land of fire and ice!

Episode 7 sees Liam in Iceland have a very expensive beer with the Curator of the Icelandic Punk Museum Svarti (Sorry in advance, Liam will butcher the pronunciation of his name)

In this episode, Liam gets schooled in all things Icelandic punk by Svarti. Liam tries to get to know the band behind the mohawk! Svarti tells storeys of his times being homeless as well as meeting John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. They of course, talk about the Punk Museum and how it found its home in a toilet.

This week Brazilian ska group Abraskadabra play out the podcast with there single “The Dream” is taken from there soon to be released new album “Welcome” that will be available to stream from February 20th

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