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Episode 9: New Music Special (Filthy Militia)


This week we focus on new music!

Liam brings to you, not 1, not 2 but 3 unsign bands!

Philadelphia’s finesse, Riverside Odds play out the podcast, and Liam finds new love in Fort Lauderdale’s punkers, Death Lottery who kick off the podcast, but its Frosty, singer of British gipsy ska band Filthy Militia who Liam sits down and has a beer and a chat with.

Recorded in Camden Town, London. At the legendary ska-punk bar ‘Dublin Castle’ Liam and Frosty discuss issues that face bands starting out and trying to make a name for themselves, Having to play to audiences that don’t give a shit and making that jump from playing in your room to taking the stage.

Information on, all three of the bands, played on Episode 9 can be found @Punksinpubs.

If you are in a band and what your music to be played out on the podcast then do get in contact via social media.

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