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Episode 43: Zach Quinn (Pears)

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We are back for a new run of bi-weekly episodes.


This episode (43) sees Liam in Shepherds Bush London talking to Pears frontman Zach Quinn.


Liam and Zach discuss the city of New Orleans and how to survive it.


Zach reveals his love for Japanese superstar Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Liam ask Zach what's it like to be the new kids on the punk rock block and Zach and Liam talk about dealing with optimism and hope.


They, of course, talk Pears, Punk and Zach's other bands Bandaid Brigade.


Lastly, Liam invites you (the listener) to sponsor the podcast for FREE!


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Marky Ramone (Mini) Special

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We are back after our unscheduled prolong hiatus with a Mini Special; we sat down with the legendary drummer Marky Ramone.

The original plan was to sit down for an hour with Marky and speak about early life and then onto the Ramones and beyond but… Marky got into London late and as you will hear in the interview that hour-long chat was cut short by his tour manager, little to my knowledge beforehand!

So, the original plan was to tag it to the end of the already released Episode 42 Ramones Museum episode. Kind of like a re-release but that went to shit when the hard drive kamikaze itself. I didn't want the short interview to go to waste as what we had was good stuff, so we’ve created this short special.

We will be back for reals in October, you can help the podcast get back on its feet by going to pick up a T-shirt via our Etsy site, or you can donate via the ''Go-fund' me page.

Until October x

Episode 42: Flo Hayler ( The Ramones Museum )

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Episode 42 sees Punks in Pubs in Berlin Germany where Liam sat down with the creator of the world-famous Ramones Museum. Flo Hayler

Playing out the show this week is a band coming out of Brazil called ASCO with their track Trevas.

If you want to support the podcast in our epic road trip to Punk Rock Holiday you can by going to You can support the podcast by going to www.gofundme.com and search 'Punks in Pubs Podcast' or click the link.

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Shirts will stay £10 till August the 5th (The day Liam jumps in the car to make the near 2000 mile round trip to Slovenia for Punk Rock Holiday) You can pick up a T-shirt by visiting the Etsy site and search 'Punks in Pubs Podcast' or click the link

This will be the last episode of Punks in Pubs until September the 1st. Enjoy your August x

Episode 41 : Cassie & Adesola (Full Bush)

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Episode 41 see's Liam sat down in a bar in Philadelphia with Adesola and Cassie. Both members of the post-punk band Full Bush.


Full Bush might not be a band that you know right now, but they're about to become a staple on your playlist!


So, what can you expect from this rabble chat?


Well, Liam knew little about the band so together we get to know Cassie and Adesola together from growing up and how punk came into their life "I grew up in California, so if you didn't like pop punk you would spend 30 days in jail"- Cassie.


You will also hear about the birth of Full Bush and bands that underestimate an all-female punk band!


Adesola talks about being a black female punk drummer in a world of white male musicians and Cassy and Adesola talk about the prosses of how Full Bush go from local post-punk heroes to make a name for them selves nationally.


You will also hear talk of Philly bar culture, ‘Bro’ culture and masturbating in cheese culture!


If you liked what you heard from Full Bush, you can go bag yourself a copy of their self-titled album Full Bush via band camp or click this link.


Playlist for this episode goes like this

Beer Me Sucks 

Dinner Fingers



Hey Boy 

As well as the Full Bush interview Liam also asked you the listeners to support the podcast by throwing a little cash his way to help Punks In Pubs podcast get to Punk Rock Holiday so he can bring you interviews with bands and artists gracing the stage. Bands like NOFX, Descendents, Pears, Sick of It All, Pennywise and Frank Turner, to name a few.  You can support the podcast by going to www.gofundme.com and search 'Punks in Pubs Podcast' or click the link.


Punks in Pubs have also slashed the cost of the Punks in Pubs T-shirts from £15 to £10!


Shirts will stay £10 till August the 5th (The day Liam jumps in the car to make the near 2000 mile round trip to Slovenia for Punk Rock Holiday) You can pick up a T-shirt by visiting the Etsy site and search 'Punks in Pubs Podcast' or click the link.


That's enough text. Enjoy the pod.

Episode 40 : Richard Copcutt

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Episode 40 sees Liam back from his time in Berlin sitting down with a pint and a bag of nuts in a pub in Soho, London with Richard Copcutt.

Some of you may not know of Richard, so here are the only three things you need to know; Richard has been credited for saving the world famous 100 Club, he was able to do this because he was the GM for the global sneaker brand Converse and Richard loves his punk music.

So what tales can you expect from this episode?

You will hear Richard relive stories of running away from home at 15 because his old man wouldn't let him go see a Discharge show. This lead to him experiencing squatter punk life for the first time, a life he would end up living at the age of 18 in London as the drummer of the 80's punk act, Soldiers Of Destruction. It was while playing for this band (supporting the English Dogs) that Richard got banned from the 100 Club; a club he would come to save 20+ years later!

Richard relives the running battles punks would have with skinheads throughout the '80s and how watching the UK Subs changed his life forever.

Liam asks Richard to explain 'how a young punk who was getting in fights and squatting in North London would go on to become the GM of the global powerhouse Converse?'. During his time with Converse, he pushed the company to embrace its punk ideology and by doing so, set up collaborations with Ramones, The Clash, Sex Pistols and Trash Talk. But ultimately his punk beliefs made him re-evaluate his time at the company once Nike sent in their own people.

We, of course, talk about how Richard played his part in saving the 100 Club and we end with Richard telling the story of how he lived a childhood dream drumming for the UK Subs.

Playing out the show this episode is a band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania called The Filthy Lowdown, so stick around for that.

And finally, Liam asks you the listener to support the podcast by donating a little petrol money towards the podcast's next road trip across Europe (to donate click the link or visit www.gofundme.com/get-punks-in-pubs-to-punk-rock-holiday).

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Episode 39 : Joey Cape (Lagwagon)

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Liam is at Slam Dunk Festival where he sat down with Joey Cape.

Most punks will know Joey as the vocalist for 'Lagwagon', but some will also know him as the guitarist for the punk-rock super cover band 'Me First and the Gimme Gimmes'. You might not know that he was also the lead vocalist for the experimental group, 'Bad Astronaut', until they disbanded due to the death of two drummers. Joey has also released several solo albums; one of which is available to pre-order now via this link.


In this episode, you will hear Liam and Joey discuss the final season of Game Of Thrones (SPOILER ALERT!). Joey talks about being the wrong height for the mosh pit and how Fat Mike thought 'Lagwagon' were "too metal" when the band became the first artists to be signed to Fat Wreck Chords.


You will also hear about Joey being a little pissed off at first of the success of 'Me First and the Gimme Gimmes' and how 'Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah' is still making Joey smile 15 years after its release.


Joey relives the Revival Tour 10 years on when he played with the likes of Chuck Ragan, Frank Turner and At The Drive In's Jim Ward.


They finish up with Liam asking Joey to talk about 'Bad Astronaut', and the deaths of Derrick Plourde and Erik Herzog (both former drummers of the band) and that leads to them talking about the death of Tony Sly and mental health.


As always your band play out the show and this week is a band from Helsinki, Finland called TERESA BANKS so stick around for that.


Lastly, Liam announces that Punks In Pubs will be going to Punk Rock Holiday to represent and will be looking to interview several bands on the bill for your pleasure.


The issue... Punk Rock Holiday is in Tolmin, Slovenia and Punks in Pubs are too broke to fly so Liam will be driving! To support the podcast and put petrol in the car you can pick up a t-shirt via this link or go give what you can via the Punks In Pubs Go Fund Me account and help Punks In Pubs get across Europe!


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MPF Live Show Special: Joe Tilston

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Welcome to this second Punks in Pubs Manchester Punk Festival special


If you follow the podcast on Twitter, you know that we had some doubts about putting this special out there because of audio issues, but you voted for its release, so here we are!


My live guest from this year's Manchester Punk festival is Random Hand, Solo artist and entrepreneur, Joe Tilston.


Joe had just finished his show at The Brickhouse Social with his band The Embers, and that's where we start the podcast, talking about just that.


We of course talk about his other band Random Hand and his T-shirt printing company Merch Stall (Joe in fact printed the punks in pubs T-shirts, that you can pick up from Etsy for £15) we also talk about punk rebelling from folk music, love for Chuck Ragan and Joe being an Emergency Response.


Even though this is a special your music still play out the show.


London Irish folk-punk, The Lagan will see you home with there track ''Let's Do It Again''.


We will be back next week with a Slam Dunk special with another Joe.


Until then, if you're going to a punk show and you see someone fall down, you pick them right back up again.

Love you, bye.

Episode 38: Joe King (The Queers)

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To celebrate, the demise of one of the worst modern-day Prime Minister the UK has ever seen, Punks in Pubs has been released early!


Also, the fact we will be at Slam Dunk this Bank Holiday Weekend (Come join us, go and get your tickets via this link) and won't have time to promote this episode... Happy coincidence.


Episode 38 sees Liam in the back room of the world-famous Underworld, sat on a battered old sofa, talking to Joe King AKA Joe Queer the ringmaster of The Queers.


As you would expect, Joe was in a feisty mood and not pulling his punches. So what do Liam and Joe talk about?


Joe talks about his love for food, Warped Tour being for "rock stars", CBGB's ripping of bands and how being on Lookout Records what it was like being on Lookout Records when bands like Green Day and Rancid were on the roster And how the collapse of the label was a sad sight to see.


Liam brings up the fall out for Joe's support for the cops during the 2014 Ferguson Shootings that lead to Joe being called racist, Liam also pushes his luck and also asks about The Queers stage fight that happened in San Diego 2015.


Also, expect loves for Ramones and Screeching Weasel and disdain for Good Charlotte and Rise Against from Joe.


As always, your band play out the show, and this week its a band from La Habra, Orange County, California and there called 390 with their timely track 'I hate the government.'


You can support the podcast by going to pick up a Punk In Pubs T-Shirt from Etsy. All the money raised go back into the running into the podcast.


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Until next time x

Episode 37: Dabs Bonner and Tommy Marchant (New Town Kings)

The sunshine might not be beaming while you listen to this podcast, but episode 37 guests will bring the warmth to your ears because this week’s guests are Dabs and Tommy of the Ska Reggae collective New Town Kings.


This episode was recorded back in late 2018 in the basement of Islington Academy where Liam sat down with Dabs and Tommy and asked the hard-hitting journalist questions you now expect from punks in pubs like… Does the weather affect their music tastes?


As well as that award-winning question, you will hear chat about being mugged off by other bands, taking tips and inspiration from artists like The Slackers, The Skints and The Aggrolites and how a band made up of EIGHT people make a living playing in New Town Kings.


You will also hear Dabs talk about being the “New guy” in the band that had already been established with a different singer and Tommy talks about how the band went about recruiting Dabs and what he brings to the band.


Finally, Dabs and Tommy speak about the link between reggae and punk and taking inspiration from both the genres.


Playing out the show this episode is Fink's Constant comes at you from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with their track 'A New Rudy'


As well as all that Liam explains why the podcast is going to Berlin and how you can support that project by going to pick up a T-Shirt from Etsy.


Don't forget to go rate and review - it helps! Also, tell year mates about punks in pubs and follow the podcast on all the socials @punksinpubs.

Until next time x

MPF Live Show Special: Sully O’Sullivan and Red Redmond

Hello and welcome to this Manchester Punk Festival Live show special.  


The original plan was to keep the live recordings as stand-alone episodes, but the audio quality is a little shit... Not wholly shit, but not the normal standard we like to offer to you lovely people.


This is the first of live shows I will be putting out over the next couple of weeks.  


This episode will see Punk and Stand up Comedy collide as Liam sat down with two punk loving comedians Sully O'Sullivan and Red Redmond (AKA Scarlet So Handsome).


So what kind of stupid questions does Liam ask these very talented people? Well, you will find out the answers to what makes an excellent MC and how do you work a crowd that wants nothing to do with you! Red gives their account to why "edgy comics are "dull as fuck!" and Sully explains why being a stand up is very much like being a DIY touring punk band.  


You can also expect Red to talk about their most pit experiences and Sully educated Liam on New Zealand punk back in the day or the lack of it!


the subject matter of safe spaces and freedom of speech is also muttered, but there is a lot of other shit to enjoy as well.


If you enjoy the episode and watch to catch Sully or Red live you can do that by clicking on their names, and the links will take you to their websites to check out there live shows. Also if you live in and around Manchester head on over to one of Reds comedy nights at the Dead Cat Comedy.


Just because of it a bonus episode, we don't forget about your band. Playing out this episode will be a fun-loving thrashy punk/ska band based in Austin, TX called Hans Gruber and the Die Hards. So stick around for that.


Thank you to all who turned up and supported the podcast at MPF and thank you to MPF for hosting us.


We will be back for episode 37 on Sunday 12th with the New Town Kings. Till next time. Bye.

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