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Episode 23: Poli van Dam & Jen Razavi (The Bombpops)



In this episode, Liam is talking to Poli van Dam and Jen Razavi of the Bombpops.

This interview took at the New Cross Inn during the hight of the British Summer, With warm Strongbow Cider in hand you will hear talk of the 'hustle' and the reality of balancing real life with the aspirations of the band,

Poli opens up about her Diabetes, and Jen talks about her time in Italy with the Italian punk band Rumatera.

You will also hear the girls talk about receiving constructive criticism from Fat Mike, What it's like to be a woman that happens to be in a band, and we also discuss the impact that Tony Sly death has had on people talking more openly about mental health within the punk community.

We end the podcast with a great story from Jen about the time she witnesses the rise and fall of Matt Skiba's comedy career, Throw in stories of booze, smoking weed with mum and dad and a sprinkle of farts, and I think that that's a good summary of this episode!

As always your band plays out the show and this weeks band hail from Brighton, England. They're called 'Cockwomble', and their new E.P is out now.

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