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Episode 24: Wednesday 13


HAPPY HALLOWEEN, it's a Halloween Special of Punks In Pubs.

My guest for Episode 24 is the prince of punk horror Wednesday 13.

With only 30 minutes given we rip through a wide variety of subjects matters such as being the weirdo at school, growing up with "god fearing" parents during what was dubbed at the time as 'The Satanic Panic', we also talk about shity Halloween costumes.

Wednesday explains how a man named Jeff Clayton (Jeff was a member of Antiscene as well as GG Allin’s The Murder Junkies) pointed him in the direction of live punk.

We also discuss the jump Wednesday took from playing dive bars with his band at the time Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 to huge venues with Murderdolls alongside ex-Slipknot drummer, Joey Jordison. Wednesday also discusses how it was the label Roadrunner that ended the Murderdolls not himself or Joey.

Finally, Wednesday talks about going solo and how the clothing outlet HotTopic gave him the platform to go DIY.

We keep the Halloween theme going with a great experimental punk act from L.A. called Death Cat and their track Purple Ligh Cruize plays out the show.

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