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Episode 3: Johnny Christmas (Reel Big Fish)


Welcome to Episode 3 of This Christmas special episode of Punks In Pubs.

In this episode, Liam talks to Johnny (Christianson) Christmas trumpet player for ska punk legends Reel Big Fish.

Liam and Johnny talk about life in Reel Big Fish (How the band nearly split and about the man who Johnny replaced, Ex Reel Big Fish Trumpet player Tyler Johns). Johnny talks about Tom Petty (who passed during the time of the interview) and Sammy Davis Junior, and Liam randomly brings up Monty Python!

We also discover that Johnny had “Blink and you will miss it” roles in the movies, Galaxy Quest and Cable Guy.

The guys get serious for a minute when they talk about, having a midlife crisis and the highs and lows of being on and off the stage.

Don’t worry, they perk back up (Because it is a Christmas show) Talking about Christmas in a Johnny Christmas family.

After the chat, Liam gives you all a Christmas gift (Amazing gift if you’re an Aga [...]

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